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weather. >> lisa: good morning, from emeryville, you can see the sunshine and further to the east bay valleys there is reports of poor visibility and that is reduced about a quarter of a mile from concord and into the north bay as well from napa to novato. visibility is improving around san jose. otherwise expect the temperatures to be cool in the mid 30s to the upper 40s around the bay as you head on out this morning. some areas of dense fog and otherwise we warm up to the low to mid-60s today. plenty of sunshine. temperatures will cool quickly with some patchy dense fog throughout the evening hours. we have a string of dry and mild afternoons ahead but also rain returns mid-week. >> katie: new this morning, an explosion in pleasant hill leads police to three teenagers who they say had a second dangerous device with them. here is video of what happened.
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>> reporter: authorities say that someone could have died had they come in contact with the second pipe bomb you mentioned. here is video of what happened when the bomb squad encountered the pipe bomb. you just heard authorities detonate the pipe bomb before it did widespread damage. police received calls of an explosion. they arrived to find a mailbox had been destroyed. neighbors saw a red suv leave the neighborhood and officers spotted that suv in the parking lot of the high school. police quickly realized those teens in that suv had plans to do even more damage. >> the investigation determined that the people in the suv that were involved mailbox explosion and then they had another pipe bomb in the truck.
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bomb squad came out, rendered the pipe bomb safe and three juveniles were taken into custody as a result. >> reporter: police say the leader of the group was being cooperative and admitted the teens only had two explosive devices. as a result police say they believe it's an isolated incident and they don't think high school was a targeted but just a meeting place for the teens. >> katie: two deadly accidents in the east bay are under investigation this weekend. two people were killed in a head-on collision in byron yesterday and last night in concord, a 21-year-old man riding a skateboard was hit and killed. a clayton woman hit the skateboarder at monument boulevard. police say the concord man was in the crosswalk when he was hit. he suffered major injuries and died at the hospital.
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they are still looking whether or not the traffic signal was working or drugs or alcohol were involved. the byron highway in contra costa is reopened following a head-on accident that killed two people there including a young boy. the accident happened around 3:30 on the stretch of highway that crosses the california aqueduct. they swerved across the yellow line and smashed moot big rig. boy believed to be eight and nine died at the scene. the driver died at the hospital. supreme court will review a suit challenging a federal defense of marriage act as well as prop 8 that bangs gay marriage. it will impact gay rights in the country. >> reporter: couples are getting married here but not same-sex couples.
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the decision was overturned in 2008 when they supported the ban on gay marriage. watching from the sidelines, one-half of the same-sex couple elizabeth chase. >> this isn't the first time i have watched a couple get married while talking about marriage equality. i have been waiting for three years to enjoy the same privilege. >> reporter: also john lewis and stewart who were married before the prop 8 ban. >> there is over 100,000 same sex married couples. >> reporter: san francisco city attorney is part of a legal team arguing against prop 8. >> i am grat feidz and confident that the supreme court which is now going to be taking up the civil rights issue of our time will reach the same resulted that the district court did and the 9th circuit did and find
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that proposition 8 unlawfully discriminates against gay and lesbian couples here in the state of california. >> a sacramento spokesperson supporter is confident that the high court will support the ban on gay marriage. >> i expect four or five justices to uphold it. why? because the constitution of the united states doesn't have marriage in it. the tenth amendment, not in the federal powers belongs to the states. >> the high court could go either way. lawyers will argue very broad argument before the high court that there is no justification for discrimination. we will know the high court's decision probably next june. >> katie: san jose police have arrested a woman in connection with the shooting death of a teenager. authorities believe 23-year-old rebecca v.was involved in a
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murder. the victim was killed a week ago on pacific avenue. they believe the murder was gang related and she did not act alone. >> a serial rapist is attacking women in richmond. the assault happened in a five month span. there are two sketches being released of the same person. he is described as being in his 30s, roughly 5'7" wearing a gold klian with a cross. he is driving a white four-door sedan and may have a child seat in the back. residents of the area say it's usually pretty safe. >> we do often walk around the neighborhood by myself. this is first time i've heard anything like this. >> katie: man is suspected of raping two women and attempting to assault a third. different kind of danger on the streets of santa cruz county.
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chp says there have been eight fatal collisions and five of them involved drivers high on marijuana. we reported on a traffic survey that twice as many people driving under the influence of drugs rather than alcohol in nine cities on friday and saturday nights last summer. the fiscal cliff deadline is 23 days away. john boehner says no progress was made yesterday. the uncertainty of what will happen is starting to have an impact on charities. >> the food pantry is in good shape but over all donations are down. >> the interim executive director says the charity has seen interesting trends this holiday season that may have to
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do with the impending fiscal cliff. >> we're seeing people who have never given us a donation before stepping up and making that kind of gift to us. >> reporter: they could be concerned that the tax deduction for charitable giving would be cut next year saving the government money. george says it can make sense to get more bang for your buck. that would help charities this year but people may be less generous in years to come. >> people who would like to donate some this year and potentially some next year may try to double up and donate more this year. >> reporter: but the uncertain future is causing fear. >> many people are afraid to make any move so there is patrol system because you don't know what is coming -- paralysis you try to hold on what you have and not as willing to donate or spend in general. >> reporter: st. anthony's is seeing this, as well. >> some of the people have given
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us end of the year stock donations, we're seeing about half of those coming through. >> reporter: they are optimistic the donors will come through by the new year. >> their donations come out of their heart. >> very wealthy people may donate but some people want to help and tax zuax bonus. >> coming up next, outrage from around the world, crank call that had will the royals laughing takes a tragic turn. a oakland church group, how their shock turned to despair
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>> katie: british hospital that got a crank call about kate's pregnancy have formally protested the stunt. here is the latest from london. >> radio station is saying the center of a firestorm. >> amidst an outpouring of anger radio heofs have been taken off the air but the company they work for refuses to fire them or condemn them. >> its bitterly to be drawing conclusions i think a tragic matter. our main concern is for the family. they could have reasonably foreseen this is going to be
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resolved. >>. >> the prank had been cleared by the australian radio station's lawyers. the two djs had been gloating about the successful calls to the hospital which they pretended to be the queen and prince charles and got information. >> we are expecting to be hung up. we didn't know what to say. >> now the entire world is talking as australians learned the suicide of the nurse who answered the phone at the exclusive king edward vii private hospital, evulsion engulfed the radio hosts. twitter account is suspended. >> you skom bag, i hope you get what is coming for you. the receptionist has committed suicide. >> first known to friends had been working there for four years. her distraught husband posted this.
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i am devastated with the fridge loss of my beloved wife in tragic circumstances. she will be laid to rest in india. >> the radio station is now facing an advertising boycotted in an effort to preempt a full boycott, they have suspended all advertising on the station. it's worth note thagtd station was called into account twice already this year for violating australia's broadcast decency standards. >> katie: members of an oakland church group on were robbed in florida have been made whole. they arrived on thursday in fort lauderdale for a youth conference. they were having lunch when somebody broke into their van and stole their money which was $12,000. several people heard the story and then stepped forward. >> we have something here.
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i have $15,000. >> wow! >> katie: another man treated the group to lunch. the group returns home on monday. the university of california is putting a new twist on the graphic. the old logo is on the left and new one on the right. the older more traditional symbol will still appear on official documents but the new one that has letter "c" will appear on marking materials and websites. school says it wanted something more user friendly. a little change never hurt anybody, especially if the weather changes for the better. >> if you want that powder for the sierra nevada, we do have one opportunity for that. live look from sutro camera, plenty of sunshine and fog is improving in concord. elsewhere pretty foggy in the north bay and numbers responding
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to the sunshine. we'll talk about a sunny, mild weekend and warmer. >> katie: also next, happy homecoming for warriors, coach homecoming for warriors, coach mark jackson [ male announcer ] this is bob, a regular guy with an irregular heartbeat. the usual, bob? not today. [ male announcer ] bob has afib: atrial fibrillation not caused by a heart valve problem, a condition that puts him at greater risk for a stroke. [ gps ] turn left.
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you may have a higher risk of bleeding if you take xarelto® with aspirin products, nsaids or blood thinners. talk to your doctor before taking xarelto® if you currently have abnormal bleeding. xarelto® can cause bleeding, which can be serious, and rarely may lead to death. you are likely to bruise more easily on xarelto®, and it may take longer for bleeding to stop. tell your doctors you are taking xarelto® before any planned medical or dental procedures. before starting xarelto®, tell your doctor such as kid any conditions, such as kidney, liver or bleeding problems. ready to change your routine? ask your doctor about once-a-day xarelto®. for more information including cost support options, developing news, in san rafael a driver is hurt and
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trapped that took down a power pole. emergency responders are at the scene. this was a freitas parkway off-ramp. chp says the driver hit the pole and sent the pole crashing to the ground. pg&e crews have been called to the scene. we understand the crash is blocking one lane along southbound highway 101. check with the weather. what awaits us this saturday morning. >> north bay, there is fog in napa. that tends to be the worst area right now. we're seeing improvements in concord where visibility is about a mile and a half. outside we go this morning, it is beautiful in lake tahoe. temperatures there, 18 in truckee, 24 in tahoe valley airlift. going to 47 today. only opportunity for snow perhaps on wednesday when we see a few snow showers.
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it's, nice and sunny downtown one of the warmer locations. approaching 50 degrees and fog really didn't materialize around sfo. live doppler, and from last weekend. we are looking at clear conditions and low cloudiness but otherwise nice and quiet. nora ja to and napa, less than a quarter of a mile around the delta and looking at improvements in the concord area with a mile and a half. so elsewhere from sfo southward we do have clouds around santa cruz but sunshine around mountain view. we're going to see a pretty mild afternoon although right now pretty cool from mid 30s from napa to santa rosa. 45 in san jose and 39 in livermore valley. the fog moving in the delta
8:21 am
allowing for the reduced visibility. and afternoons will feature mild and sunny conditions. we get to tuesday, it will be cooler and system comes down from the north instead of the pacific. it will be a colder snow but a lot of moisture. between now and then, big ridge of high pressure that is building in and flow around the high bringing gusty east winds across the state today. from southern california, san diego and fog is being transported to the bay area around the delta from the sacramento valley and san joaquin valley is staying pretty foggy. we'll enjoy the numbers today. 64 in los gatos with numbers on peninsula, through the low 60s and above normal readings. we should see a high of about 58.
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we'll have the lighting of the menorah tonight. boat parade for sausalito, it will be chilly tonight and 60 for the afternoon high. 62 in fremont. walnut creek, there is marathon, sunny skies and great temperatures for running -- i wouldn't know because i'm not a runner -- but milder and cooler weather on tuesday and chance of showers. thursday and friday, dry but seasonal. thank you. in sports, warriors will try to win their third straight game on seven game road trip. last night golden state played their game in brooklyn. here is larry beil. >> good morning. this is pleasant surprise for just second time in 20 years the warriors have won 12 of the first 19 games.
8:23 am
impressive road win in brooklyn. coach mark jackson played in brooklyn. you can could see clay thompson, feeling and confidence. lighting it up, finished with 32 points. jeff curry goes to boil, knocking it down three. 28 points. fourth quarter, the dish to green the rookie and ten boards, david lee a double-double. 30 points. 15 rebounds cleaning up inside. 109-102 warriors and they are 12-7 this season piling up wins even without andrew. before think kicked off the season, coach allen said the management d knew they didn't have a playoff contender but 3-10 debacle. he was open and honest in his
8:24 am
news conference following the loss to peyton manning and broncos. he and gm knew this was a rebuilding project but it looks like it's turned into a tear down. >> reggie and i have talked about it. we knew what we were dealing with when we came here. we knew we had some issues on the roster and sustain a lot of injuries. we all want to win. i understand that. i'm looking at the long term future of this team. we've got to prepare for the future. >> heisman trophy will be handed out. he would be the defensive player to win the heisman, colin cline would be kansas state's but the favorite is johnny mann would be the first freshman to win the
8:25 am
heisman. >> it would mean the world to me. it would be a dream come true to be the first freshman to win the honor and to bring heisman trophy back to texas a&m. the pride to my family and everybody involved with the texas a&m program. >> baseball news, when a's fans think about in this be the first thing they think about. he could have killed them. mccarthy has agreed with a two-year deal with arizona for $15.5 million. >> to the ice, san francisco bulls hosting the colorado eagles. bulls were down 4-0 but we need one goal because this was teddy bear talk night and fans deliver with the teddy bears all to be donated. bums lose 5-1 but the kids all
8:26 am
win. good stuff right there. that is wrap on morning sports. mike shumann will be here with the heisman trophy winner. who wins it? have a great weekend everybody. i'm larry beil. >> katie: it's 8:26 and next, putting a downpayment on a house bay area people are applying for $20,000 in flee mortgage money and they trusted them to sell their car. now a consignment lot sits
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>> katie: in the east bay, some people have $20,000 to make a
8:29 am
downpayment on a home. wells fargo is hosting an event called city list and its life changing experience. laura anthony has the story. >> we got the money. >> glen taylor is celebrating that she just qualified for $20,000 assistance. it's the last piece she needs to buy a home for her family. >> dreams come true. >> dreams come do come true. they do. >> wells fargo is reaching out to hundreds of families trying to help them with $20,000 toward a downpayment on on the purchase of a home. sean lined up at 6:00 a.m. and one of the first to find out he qualified. >> exciting day for you? >> better an birthday. >> not everyone who applied will qualified. applicants must have strong credit history.
8:30 am
for those that qualify, $20,000 will be forgiven if they by yes, sir stays in their home for five years buyer stays in the home for five years. >> so we have people that stay there. >> virtual home tour, they just found out they did not qualify for the down payment assistance. >> we were closer than we realized having something that we could call our own down the line. >> we have a few things that we still need to do but i do feel better now than before. >> this event goes mariott and pre-registration but there is more information on our website at new this morning, president obama is taking a partisan tone
8:31 am
in his weekly address blaming house republicans for blocking a bill to resolve the fiscal cliff crisis. congress has not compromised on whether taxes should be raised on wealthy americans to help reduce the deficit. latest version of the plan would prevent a tax hike on the first quarter million dollars of a person's earning. >> the wealthiest americans would get a tax cut on first $250,000 and families everywhere would enjoy peace of mind. senate has done their part. we're waiting for republicans and so far they have put unballoted plan that lowers rates for the wealthy americans. >> marco rubio says it will not reduce the nation's $16 trillion debt. >> officials for the proposed sonoma marin smart train are looking to get federal funding to buy more train cars.
8:32 am
smart train is committed to go to cloverdale and larkspur but more rail cars would be needed. they report that money force the cars would come out of the budget for pedestrian and bicycle paths. bicycle advocates say it will take away two-thirds of their funding setting the plan back five years. >> three women who dined at a stockton card room saying the bill they received was outrageous not because of the price. christina and two friends are mad about a remark typed on to that receipt. a server, says it reads, fat girl. though wanted people to know how much the comment hurt. the manager who was on duty ordinary them a 25% discount to make it up to them and 50% and now his boss is offering a public apology and making changes at the restaurant. >> i still can't believe that
8:33 am
somebody would put that on a receipt. >> i just want to tell them we are seven serial sorry for that and it will never happen to anyone again. >> bar manager says the server has been suspended while it's being investigated. >> petaluma police are pushing the city council to adopted new regulations for the is a imagine industry. city is drafting an ordinance for places that serve as a front for prostitution. investigations have uncovered illegal legal activity. business owners say they have no problem with it but they strongly object to a requirement that workers pass a medical exam proving they are disease free. the draft will be presented to the council in february. >> the owners of a at least 20 cars are looking for the owners of a consignment car company.
8:34 am
those owners apparently took off with the vehicle,000were supposed to sell. tomas ramon has the latest on the story which we broke thursday night right here. >> i'm not sure what i can do. >> she asking a police officer what he can do to get his car back. he left his volvo last july on consignment. now, the business is closed and his car which he is still making payments on is registered in the name of sunnyvale motor cars. >> if i took the car i could report it as stolen. >> 30 cars have gone missing from last week. business next to the car lot says he saw them go. >> the cars started to disappear tow trucks were taking them and everything was gone. >> leaving the lot empty except for a few cars. >> a lot of them have double
8:35 am
loans on cars. they lost over $20,000 to $30,000. >> we have learned from to w company some of the cars were taken to an auto auction. they received a call from the victim saying their car was stolen. >> we have 20 plus potential victims of a fraud that our investigators are working on right now. >> captain says the case is complicated. some victims may have signed over their pink slips essentially giving the cars to the business and others may have had their cars stolen by the business. >> those agreements to have appear have gone awry. what we're trying to do is get the bottom what was agreed upon, what has transpired and where we are now. >> we spoke to a process server
8:36 am
that came to serve papers. we attempted to contact miss garcia but we are told she left moved a month ago without leaving a forwarding address. >> it's called tv everywhere. how a bay area company will bring the programs you want to your laptop or tablet. let's take a live look outside. what a gorgeous day shaping up to be. blue skies, blue water. lisa argen will have your forecast and tell you
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>> katie: welcome back. very good saturday morning to you. it's 8:39. live at the roof cam, coit tower beautiful blue sky, 61 degrees in san francisco today. lisa argen will have a look at the forecast coming up. whether you are watching news or football this weekend, there is growing possibility that the screen you are watching it on is not a television. finding the programs you wanted on the laptop can be frustrating. jonathan bloom explains a bay area company trying to do something about that. >> there is a big flat screen on the wall, but on the coffee table the big game is actually playing on this ipad. >> tv meanings any screen that you have in front of you. >> the concept is called tv everywhere and the company is adobe, now project prime time. >> it tells you what is live on
8:40 am
the air right now. you can simply click on that. >> prime time is a tool for tv networks to put live programs on all different kinds of devices. >> an ipad experience, android experience, as well as an of the box experience and desk top experience, that is for a large media company millions of dollars of cost that we believe we can make much less expensive. >> live tv has commercials, so in apps like this, adobe replaces the ads on the air with ads aimed at you. >> this is not the same ad on tv? >> correct. >> it is based on your viewing history and provide age and gender which could make commercials enjoyable. >> so if people watch an ad they want to watch they are much more engaged.
8:41 am
>> premium cable channels. >> we will select comcast. >> you local in through your cable company. they say if you are paying for the channel on cable you shouldn't have to pay on top of that on something else. most users don't. in the tv of the future, good old commercial break is probably here to stay. >> whether over the internet, ad says what is funding programming today. folks haven't been interested in buying programs. >> katie: talking about the indoor activity. watching tv, but if you want to go outside. what can we expect. >> they will gag treat today. it looks fantastic. you won't need the rain gear if you are going shopping. this is sutro camera and fog over the city and fog in the east bay. we'll replace the temperatures
8:42 am
above normal in the days ahead. i'll have the seven-day outlook. >> also ahead, thanking our >> also ahead, thanking our veterans,ok grandma, they have a hobbit menu.
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i know. apparently, they based an entire movie off of it. try the all-new hobbit inspired menu, only at denny's. and see "the hobbit: an unexpected journey."
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♪ over the river and down the road ♪ [ female announcer ] at nature valley, we know nature comes together in amazing ways. that's why we bring together natural ingredients, like dark chocolate with toasted oats, or sweet golden honey. perfect combinations of nature's delicious ingredients, from nature valley. ♪ ♪ i was thinking that i hope this never ends ♪ [ female announcer ] nature valley granola bars, nature at its most delicious. >> katie: this morning a marine and one navy veteran are enjoying generous gifts. businesses worked together to
8:45 am
offer the tokens with tires and an engine. >> put the foot on the gas. >> jordan steven son revs the engine of his car but he couldn't feel his foot on the gas because his foot is paralyzed. >> i was in afghanistan for eight days. he shot through my helmet and hit me in the head. >> it's been a long hard year but he fighting hard for his cover. he got a gift that will help. a refurbished car for a recycled ride. >> the car is a jeep and stick shift. i can't shifted with my right hand. >> when they decided to join the forces, others were eager to help. progressive insurance donated the cars and chilton fixed them up.
8:46 am
>> my father, my grandfather, his father, it's a cause that is near and dear to my heart. >> they did it times two. for marine century sergeant the timing was perfect. he just returned for afghanistan three days ago on a mission to get some wheels. >> he asked me if i really needed a car. it really worked out. i actually didn't know about it until yesterday. >> mike and jordan are the first to benefit from recycled rides in san francisco but they won't be the last. there will be more cars for more veterans in need. >> the worst thing is to be forgotten. sometimes it's hard not to feel that way. people assume that the war is already over but there is still happening. a lot of my friends are still getting injured. >> katie: if you would like to nominate a soldier or veteran for the program, go to our website at
8:47 am
meteorologist is joining us with a look at the forecast, blue skies. >> lisa: you are right. we are still looking at fog. we'll talk about that in moment. few live cameras from lake tahoe see all the high elevation know. 47 and temperatures right now pretty cold. 18 in truckee and to the beach we go. it will be beach like. fog in the distance there, sunny skies in santa cruz and fog around monterey this morning. beautiful afternoon with low to mid-60s here. 70-degree temperatures before we get to mid-week at our beaches. unbelievable for december. live doppler 7-hd this morning, nice and quiet. nothing to show you. just one opportunity for rain it looks like throughout the workweek ahead and that should be wednesday.
8:48 am
the fog is really reduced visibility at the concord airport down to a half a mile. mile and a half here half past the hour. it was only half mile visibility fog in the delta, santa rosa has cleared out. chilly numbers, 41 in redwood city. 38 in los gatos and temperatures around the bay today will be nice and mild. even warmer tomorrow and monday. tuesday we begin to cool down and by wednesday system from the north may offer some powder to the sierra nevada but kind of wimpy system, we're not talking a lot of precip. high pressure and fair weathermaker deflecting all the systems to the north. we'll looks for the eastern pacific to bring the winds, as well. that will transport the fog and bring gusty winds from
8:49 am
los angeles to san diego. but still very mild, upper 60s to low 70s in southern california. still high fire danger here because of those gusty winds. 62 in sacramento. back home, plenty of low 60s around the bay. 64 in los gatos to 62 in palo alto. 61 in redwood city. san francisco, menorah lighting temperatures in the 60s. 61 for the afternoon high. boat parade tonight, numbers in the 50s but 60 today. in the east bay and in fremont, beautiful afternoon, low 60s, also oakland in the low 60s. 5-k run walnut creek, in the 60s. monterey bay. you'll warm to 65 in salinas and numbers days ahead will be above normal. a little milder tomorrow and mild day on monday. slightly cooler on tuesday.
8:50 am
a little bit of rain coming in on wednesday with much cold every temperatures for that. that will be below normal and then dry thursday and friday. so maybe we'll get it right. we could use a little snow in the sierra. >> katie: an east bay man is one of 54 people in the country to receive a $50,000 award for his contribution to the arts. don sanchez shows us a man dedicated to keeping traditions alive. ♪ ♪ >> eugene rgd, mentor, he created a mexican arts center in san pablo where young people learn about culture. >> try to give kids that our traditions is for them to carry
8:51 am
forward. a lot of our audiences are emigrant ex cans which english skills may be limited or english people that don't speak spanish. it's music that we are able to communicate with everybody. >> there is an art room where they are creating pieces for the christmas show. >> the kids learn a lot about arts and discipline and teamwork. it's really a magical space. they develop their sense of self. >> next-door is costumes created by eugene's wife and mother. it is always about the music. his son produces videos and they have more than 125 of them and 20 cds. jackson brown and elvin bishop is on the latest cd. they brought latin culture to hawaii and got a lesson in hawaiian tradition. >> we need to do a much better
8:52 am
job to get people to talk to each other. >> it's because of his dedication that the artist group is giving eugene a $50,000 scholarship grant. >> for the christmas show this parking lot will be turned into a little bethlehem. there be music and fun on december 15th. >> katie: wal-mart is sponsoring an easy way for you to play santa claus and help low income kids in holiday season. today participating stores will have a toy drive. they are accepting donations for one day toy drive. as we get closer to christmas the toys will be distributed by salvation army. >> mark your calendars for this event. share your holiday food drive. it's next wednesday, december 12th, you can meet the abc news
8:53 am
team as we broadcast live from around the bay area taking donations for local food banks. for more information and location nearest you go to >> coming up next. the festival of lights begins. where you can see the lighting of the
8:54 am
8:55 am
>> katie: holiday lights take center stage in san carlos.
8:56 am
a snowfall caught people's attention as the festivities got underway. and they kept the crowd entertained and mama klaus kept people entertained. hanukkah begins at sundown. first candle of the menorah commemorates a win over the syrian army. first candle of a 25 foot menorah will be lit at 6:00. other lightings in san francisco occur at 5:30 and masonic center at 8:00. different choices for you. whatever works out the most convenient and all will be beautiful but cold maybe? >> temperatures will be dropping to the 50s quickly. outside this morning, we're going in the other direction,
8:57 am
we're warming up. it will be a beautiful afternoon with lower 50s in fremont and oakland. 63 in santa rosa. here we've got the is sunshine. it's going to be milder with mid-60s. a look ahead, sunshine for tomorrow and monday with temperatures coming up a couple degrees. we'll cool back on tuesday and only chance of rain is wednesday. its small chance and then we're dry but cool thursday and friday. >> katie: thanks everyone for joining us on abc7 saturday morning news. we will continue at 5:00 before college football. also you asked for it -- now the exclusive alarm clock app is available on your android phone and tablet or the kendal fire.
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>> jack hanna's "wild countdown" is sponsored by nationwide insurance. >> hi, everyone, welcome to "wild countdown." i'm jack hanna, coming to you from my base camp here at the columbus zoo. i've visited wildlife parks around the world, but i would

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